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 Stove Repair-Stove Top & Cooktop Repair


Stove repair can be a costly repair in more than one way. Your stove is the life blood of your kitchen. It cooks your evening dinners, holiday festivities, party goodies, and late night snacks. Without your stove, you are looking at expensive dining & carry-out meals, catering, or delivery.


Stoves come in basically 3 styles, the freestanding stove, slide-in stove, & the drop-in stove. The freestanding stove is by far the most popular with the drop-in stove least popular. Stoves will either be sold in electric, gas(Natural gas or LP gas), or what they call dual fuel. The dual fuel offers a stove top that is gas and the oven is electric.


Most newer stoves now use electronic Controls with digital displays for oven control. And some are also using electronic switches and touchpads for the electric surface burner control. Now with the use of electronic controls or computers that have some sort of digital display, your stove now can give you error codes for that particular model. Each stove or cooktop will have a "tech sheet" or at least a wiring diagram for that unit. These sheets are usually in an envelope on the back or bottom of the unit, or as a sticker diagram in these locations. These tech sheets are you and the technician's best friend when it comes to stove repair. These sheets will explain error codes, possible causes, tests, remedies, wiring diagrams, and other maintenance & tips. These sheets should always stay with the unit.


Before we start talking about testing, diagnosis, or repair, we must give you an URGENT WARNING. Your stove, cooktop is hooked up to either a 240 volt(electric stove) or a 120 volt(gas stove) electric source. Either source can easily shock you and cause serious injury! Use extreme caution during tests and make sure to unplug the appliance or remove the electrical power to the stove when needed or replacing a part! 

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