Vent Hood Repair Decatur



Vent Hoods 


Vent hoods basically come in 2 styles, above the cooking source or downdraft. Above stove or cooktop can then come in many styles depending on your taste or preference and where your stove/cooktop is located, whether in an island or under a kitchen cabinet. Vent hoods can also be vented completely out of the kitchen or re-circulated back into your kitchen.



Downdraft vents are usually associated with cooktop units and can be installed in either an island or below other kitchen cabinets. Downdraft vents, just like Jenn-Air type units, are supposed to be vented through the floor and out of the kitchen. We believe that you can purchase adapter kits to vent these downdrafts back into your kitchen but at floor level.

 Range/Cooktop Vent Hoods 

All under cabinet range hoods can be vented 1 of 3 ways. Either vented back into your kitchen, through the back of the vent and out of the kitchen, or through the top of the vent and out of the kitchen. All self supported vents or chimney vents are vented out of the kitchen.

Vent hood repair, both under cabinet and chimney style, can be repaired without removing the unit. Most repairs are performed under or inside the vent itself. Small appliance repair on vents will either be the fan not working or not working properly, or the lights are not working. You have wiring, control/switches, light assembly, or a fan assembly to check on any vent repairs.

Switches/Control Some units will have either 2 switches or a mini electronic control board. Make sure proper voltage is coming into your switch/control. Turn switch on, check for voltage coming out of switch. If switch/control has multiple settings, check at the different settings. If voltage is not present or the correct voltage is not present, your switch/control needs to be replaced. If proper voltage is present, move to the next part to check.


About the only maintenance to perform on any vent hood is to keep the unit clean and filters clean. Wipe down unit with hot soapy water to clean unit itself. All filters are removable and can be washed. Most are stainless steel and can be washed in your dishwasher or soaked in hot soapy water. Some vents will also have charcoal filters in them that have to be replaced when they get clogged.

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