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Use extreme caution when working on microwave ovens! Even when unplugged, the high voltage capacitor can store up to 2,000 volts just waiting to discharge into your body. Discharge the capacitor before doing anything else inside the box!

Since attempting microwave repairs can be dangerous, in many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. And certainly the money you've saved by doing your own microwave repairs will be of little benefit if a careless accident sends you to the emergency room. 

We repair all brands and models for microwaves in Tucker and surrounding areas. If your microwave doesn't power on, doesn't heat the food or something else is wrong with the unit, just call our toll free number and we will take care of the rest. .

 COOK WITH A MICROWAVE OVEN WHENEVER POSSIBLE microwave saves money on two fronts.

First, it cooks food up to six times faster than an electric oven—and draws about the electricity.

Second, it helps lower air-conditioning costs by keeping the kitchen cool on hot summer days.

Not all microwaves are created equal.

Microwaves come in several different power capacities. The higher the rated wattage, the faster the microwave will cook.

Sparks or flashes in a microwave indicate a dish containing metal, which shouldn't be used for microwave cooking.

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